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7 Best Flirty Thing You Can Do With Partner In Bedroom

Every couple who are engaged and living together on a single roof each are want something. Many couples when entered in the bedroom they can busy their own scheduled work like working on a laptop, reading books, surfing on social media website or nothing talk and or do and direct sleep but there are beyond the life which can couple enjoy every day with behalf of their life partner over a bedtime. Give at least 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep in the bedroom.

There are around 7 tips that can implement then it is easy to get attention daily by partners and never get ignore anyhow.

  1. Talk Dirty
  2. Play Dirty Truth Or Dare
  3. Wear A Blindfold
  4. Steamy Hot Tub
  5. Try Out New Position
  6. Take Bold Photo
  7. Try Toy


Men and women both have a different fantasy you have to find out that and talk with dirty with your partner about that when partner come over to the bed. This creates a comfort zone between your and your partner over the bed if anyone can start for the intimate purpose they can not feel anxiety problem here.  Many men have faced the low libido problem due to erection problem for that foreplay and dirty talking is necessary to get attention from men. There is an erection problem solved pill available which is sildenafil citrate-based which can get online and the best place to buy Kamagra online easy way to get without hesitation.


There are truth and dare games that time player can assign to opponent partner any task for perform you can same thing to do with your only partner only start a dirty game to increase bonding with a partner.  Ask an intimate question to your partner.


It is a little bit kinky sound for those who are not comfortable with this. Blindfolds are the safest way to get a boost up your sex life with a partner, If you know how to play with this blindfold then you can easy way to get ready for your partner for intimate. Blindfold is used for surprise which can be liked by women you can purchase the sexy gift basket where all the necessary available like perfumes, lingeries, necklaces, condoms, viagra pill (for men take generic one), wine bottle, chocolate type of bouquet can love it by women and for men they love to do same wine just wine or favorite alcohol bottle brand with condom and pill that is to get excited with a partner.


Steam hot tubs are a hot favorite for those couples who like to get to see bold while refreshing. It is the best experimenting thing which you can do with your loveable partner who can like it. You can ready your shower room with beautiful candles and fragrance and try out together steam and bath in a single time that can create a new love track mood.


One of the easiest and best ways to get naughty and give the next level expression of love to your partner try to approach the new position with your partner and leave it the old one which you can always try out over the bed. Men want it sometimes approach women in a pleasurable way which can 20% chance to get mood change and increase the libido in men.


After digitalization, many couples are taking photos for memorizing there are many couples are taking photos while intimate time and watch after it to get the excitement at that moment.  Catch your partner photos but keep in mind do not share over the internet for safety reasons.  Most men can get excited after watching porn because their brains get set that kind for watching last long years watch porn. But with a partner with intimate time men can not get much excitement when watched porn so that short and temporary solution takes a bold photo of your partner and see to get excited.


If you are not using a toy with your partner then start something for increasing your partner’s fantasies. There are many lubricant and toys available which can increase the pleasure into the female partner ask before the using that toy with that. Most of the female rejects but if she allows then tryout if possible.

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