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What are the Online Courses Available with Certificate?

Upskilling has become an essential requirement for everyone nowadays. All companies, big or small, expect their employees to stay up-to-date with recent advancements in the industry. However, the trend is more significant in the IT industry. As high as 65% of companies invest in upskilling their employees from time to time. Generally, they prefer hiring candidates having professional training in various domains. 

So, your hiring probability increases when you have multiple certifications in your resume. These certificates prove that you have received high-quality training through professional courses. But, you might be facing some problems finding and enrolling yourself in online sessions, especially if you are new to digital upskilling. 

“What are the courses available out there?”, “What are the prevalent training domains?”, “Which platforms offer reputed training?” and “Do they offer certificates?”. All these questions might be worrying you to the core. 

Not anymore! We are here to help you with certified courses available in the market. This article educates you about various upskilling sessions available with accreditation online. 

Are you ready to explore various online courses available with certification? Let’s dive in if it’s a yes! 

Benefits of online courses with certification

Online certification has become mandatory for everyone. Companies want their employees to take these sessions and upskill. In contrast, candidates enroll in these courses to become capable of bagging a lucrative job. 

Similarly, more benefits make these certification courses worth pursuing among students and professionals. So, let’s get a glimpse of the benefits of registering with online sessions offering prestigious certificates. 

  • Grooms your personality

Having more knowledge necessarily improves you. You can enroll in these courses to groom your personality and expand your understanding of various domains. 

You can achieve the highest level of knowledge in a specific realm and become a professional. Or, you can build an intermediate understanding of different domains over time. The choice is yours ultimately! 

  • Ensures job success

Many companies prefer professionally-trained candidates for various job roles to others. Also, some organizations have reputed certifications in their job descriptions. These exams are challenging and demand a strict pathway to pass them in one shot. 

So, an online certification course can be turntable for your career. You can fit into more job roles and crack interviews effortlessly. Also, you can register with relevant sessions to prepare for challenging exams. Once you become certified, you will get more jobs without difficulties.

  • Makes you promotion-worthy

Internal career advancement in an organization requires continuous upskilling. It creates avenues for salary hikes and job promotions. So, it’s better to pursue online certification courses and keep learning something every time. It will help you ask for better opportunities from your managers in a company.

  • It helps you edge out other interview candidates.

Training prepares you for more than what’s required in an interview. So, you can edge out other candidates with your knowledge. Mentioning numerous online courses in your resume makes you preferable among recruiters. 

Also, you can get a competitive advantage by becoming a certified individual. As you know already, preparing for such exams requires enrolling in relevant online courses.

Types of online courses available with certification

Now, getting back to your question!

Certificate-less courses have no use. They don’t prove your time, investment, effort, and knowledge. So, registering with certified classes is the best thing to do. You can visit any coursework platform like Simplilearn to find the following types of online certification courses.

  • Data science and business analytics

The data science and business analytics sector is booming with numerous career opportunities. You can enroll in graduate, post-graduate, and standalone data science and business analytics courses on online learning platforms to build your knowledge in the domain. 

  • AI and Machine Learning

Everyone knows about the AI and ML buzz across different industries. Various course gradings remain available for AI and ML, from Foundational to Advanced, Masters, and Post Graduate Diploma courses. All these courses have various eligibility criteria and curriculums. 

  • Project management

Every company wants to hire excellent project managers in their companies. So, you can enroll in various project management online courses to get lucrative jobs in the sector. You can either register with topic-wise classes or get into diploma training for comprehensive domain expertise. 

  • Cybersecurity and cloud computing

Experts predict that cybersecurity and cloud computing will become more massive in the future. You can get foundational or diploma-level training in cybersecurity and cloud computing to get better jobs or promotions in the blink of an eye. 

  • DevOps

Like cloud computing, DevOps has a dazzling future. You can enroll in DevOps engineer or University courses for comprehensive preparation. Also, you can register with Certified Kubernetes Administrator, CI/CD pipelines, Jenkins, Docker, and Ansible 2.0 courses online.

  • Software development

Software development is a worth-considering career domain. You can enroll in various software development courses, learn theoretical aspects, and gain hands-on experiences to build your future in the profession. The online platforms offer full-stack development and automation testing courses. Also, you will find Robotic Process Automation, Java, and Selenium courses under the title.

  • Agile and Scrum

The terms ‘Agile’ and ‘Scrum’ bring certification exams to your mind. Don’t they? You can get numerous online courses to prepare for such exams efficiently and effortlessly. Every leading certification exam like SAFe, CSM, and CSPO has relevant training programs on the Internet.

  • Big data

Data is expanding every day. Industries need Big Data experts to utilize the datasets more efficiently. You can prepare the subtle concepts of Big Data in a detailed manner by enrolling in leading courses online. 

Similarly, you can find informative and certification courses on the latest topics like business and leadership, quality management, IT service and architecture, and digital marketing. Besides, more sessions are in the queue. They will emerge in the future to give you better training across domains.

The Internet has numerous courses on various topics. All you need is to become ready to learn and eagerly upskill. These online sessions will help you once you become willing to expand your knowledge base. Happy learning!

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