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When, where, and how did it start?

The younger voters in the United States are comparatively less than adult Americans, and it is a great deal as the competition between politicians, divisiveness, and polarization in politics is getting intense, and the number of potential voters and their ages makes a huge difference. The difference can be indicated as the difference in perceptions, thoughts, aspects of life, lifestyle, way of experiencing life, preferences and considerations, past experiences, present wants and needs, future goals, and many other elements that are different in every age. In the presidential election of 2016 in the United States, the people who elected to cast their votes, i.e. from 18 to 29, were only half who can cast their votes. As a result, Donald Trump was declared the next president.   But two years earlier, in the midterm elections of 2014, the young voter rate was up to 20%, which was the lowest rate to date. These declining voting rates were the negative impact of the absence of civics education.

In the 1960s, where was the starting of civics instruction was used through the course of standard high-school based on three standards which were linking voter participation and civic education without any doubt or confusion. In the 1960s, the rate of ballots casters in the young adult’s range coincided with a slump.

The civics classes or government for one year in high school, required by only districts of Columbia and nine states, but more importantly focus on the children high school and college to add civic education and especially those who are more probably to vote or close to cast the first vote of their life, as per the report issued in 2018, this initiative will affect the voting awareness and basics which should be a part of the course because without that younger voters did not understand the intensity of the voting and make someone capable of running the overall country. For instance, in the recent year, an initiative was taken to improve civic education through K-12 trajectory, the US community would be tested, which was required nationwide, and citizens would be graduated. As per the CEO of the group Civics Education Initiative, Lucian Spataro, in the law books, citizenship-test law was presented in 29 states.

Other rules were established, which included ensuring civic education in the early stages of high school and colleges so that students can get to know about the election and the importance of voting.

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The Main Purpose of Civics Education

Understanding the broader concept of which was linked to a democratic society can be given through civic education, for example, responsibilities of citizens and their respective role, the interest of the citizen in the politics, government, and other domains, the interest in non-profit organizations, businesses, the mass media and also the competitive and periodic elections.  The importance of participation in all aspects and awareness regarding democratic society is emphasized. Civic education did not limit to the electoral cycle, but this education is a continuous process, including voter education and voter information and larger than that. This education system carried out in the early high schools and colleges and also in the university system with even broader concepts and learning. Not just that, civic education can also be carried out through state agencies, civil society organizations, sometimes with a low chance, the election authorities. The international foundation for electoral systems (IFES), from 1987, started working on providing civic education to people all around the world to make sure their participation in the election should be appreciated. They also established a group for the youth and named it an internal knowledge management initiative working group; the purpose of this group is to provide civic education and enhance the engagement in the research process, technical expertise, and also tools to offer their partnership throughout the world.

The disappearance of Civic Education

Civic education was disappeared from the educational institutions of the United States of America and promoted STEM fields that did not offer equitably high profile civic education. It was specifically providing lessons about democratic citizenship which aim at predominantly higher-income, white, and the younger adults bound in colleges. The citizen was not learning what the actual democratic and electoral processes possessed and ignored the core concepts and values of a democratic system. For example, the absence of an electoral system and the elimination of civics abilities meant to be critically consuming news. This absence of basic values and core civic ethics will provide detrimental competencies.

Failed Democratic Citizenship

The thoughts and perceptions regarding democratic citizenship are effecting due to unsatisfactory teachings of civic education because civic education is not limited and restricted to just fundamentals or historical moments of democratic processes but also idealized equality, liberty, and also the rule of law as well as core tents of fostering appreciation.

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